Evernote Market


Evernote, a productivity software company with over 100 million users, launched an online storefront called, Evernote Market— a curated collection of physical products inspired by users wants and needs with the Evernote product software in mind. Our team designed the visual identity of Evernote Market's products and online and in-app shopping experiences across multiple touchpoints, including the website, and global marketing emails.


Website Redesign + Information Architecture

To promote our extensive storefront of physical products we implemented a redesign of Evernote.com/market. This included strategizing and implementing the site structure, navigational experience, competitive landscape and visual identity research, personas, and wireframes. Attached are some final examples of our adaptive design layouts


Global Email Campaigns

To initiate brand awareness and drive revenue, we launched global email campaigns. Our custom emails were made with keen attention to detail, responsive design, and a flexible modular layout. Below are examples of some our top performing emails for US, EMEA, and JP.



Evernote Market reached $1 million in sales in just one month after launch, and the marketplace was responsible for 30% of the company’s monthly sales. 



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Branding + Identity